Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Chicks

We went to my mom's after church Sunday for a quick Mother's Day visit (visited mil on Saturday). Since my mom lives way "out in the boonies", we just grabbed some fried chicken and fixins' on the way out of town, and took it to mom's for lunch (so neither of us had to cook). I did throw an apple crisp together for dessert once we got there though.

After lunch, the girls had to go check out the new baby chicks. Mom put over 100 eggs in the incubators and they started hatching yesterday morning. The girls thought the chicks were SO cute. Claire decided she needed a chick of her own, so she picked one (or maybe two) out...but it has to live at Grandma's. I wonder if she'll be able to pick her chick out of the group the next time we visit. :-)

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