Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"I" Chart

Another one of Allyson's writings...
The students were asked to fill out an "I" chart with descriptions of themselves. This is what Allyson wrote about herself:

Little sister
Big sister
Mommy's girl
Love puppies
Daddy's girl
Nice personality
Great friend / friendly
Love noodles
Love dumplings
Very caring
5th grader
Play piano

As I read Allyson's list, I couldn't help but smile. It just made me happy that she described herself in many ways before listing "adopted". Yes, she was adopted and I want her to be proud of that, but it isn't the first thing she uses to describe she is SO much more than that! I know that at school, she is asked about being adopted a LOT lately, and I just pray we are helping her to deal with the questions in a healthy way. Reading her paper just made this mom's heart feel a little better. :-)

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Jill and Rick said...

I love it!


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