Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekly Catch Up

I've been under the weather a little, so haven't spent time uploading pics and updating the blog. :-( Just to highlight a few of our week/weekend events:

Claire's school had a "crazy hair day" fundraiser on Thursday. Claire really wanted to participate, but didn't want anything TOO she settled on a bunch of ponytails and braids. :-)

On Thursday evening, we rushed from piano practice to school to watch the 5th grade musical "Go West". The kids were asked to dress in pioneer or western gear. Allyson ended up wearing the pioneer dress I made for Claire last was a bit shorter than I would have liked, but she looked cute anyway.

We had an eventful Friday morning (more than I care to write details about right now). After all of the hoopla, I allowed Allyson to stay home from school. About an hour after returning home (dealing with our "event"), I found Allyson asleep on the couch with her giant stuffed duck....poor baby was exhausted.

On Friday afternoon, Emily participated in a piano clinic at the Arts Center. Since this was her first time at such an event, we didn't know what to expect. It was the QUIETEST event ever! There were only 7 students in Emily's group, so only 7 families filled the giant auditorium. The judges were seated in front of us, and only nodded when it was time for someone to play. There was no discussion among the judges as they filled out the review forms....and no talking by anyone in the audience. (Good thing I bribed Claire ahead of time with a promise to buy a box of Mike and Ike candy if she was quiet!) :-)
Emily was the fifth student to play, and she performed one of her recital pieces. She was nervous, but did really well. In the end, Emily received a Superior 1 rating, a ribbon and a certificate.
Over the weekend, we went to Mountain Home to visit Randy's dad in the nursing home. Dad wasn't having the best of days, so unfortunately didn't really know who we were, but we spent time with him anyway. We had a good lunch (provided by bil and sil), then took dad back to the nursing home. The girls were so excited because they then had some swimming time at the hotel! After 2+ hours in the pool, we got dried off and went to dinner with bil and sil....then BACK to swimming until the pool closed. (We really need to build a pool in our back yard!)

A swamp monster???
Now, we're back to our daily grind......

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