Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 3

Sorry for taking so long post....we've just been so busy everyday and don't have nuch down time.
Today was a travel day. We flew to Hefei in the morning and checked in at the Holiday Inn. Aftere check in, we went on a ciity tour. We went to the Golden Anhui where we received our girls 10 years ago. The hotel now has a different name, but we were able visit the rooms where we stayed, as well as the conference room where we rec'd the girls.
Later in the evening, we went shopping a little and had KFC for dinner (by the way, it wasn't very good food). The group decided to donate a washer to the orphanage, so Randy and the guide went to purchase that, as well as some diapers and formula. All of this will be donated when we visit tomorrow.

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Whitney said...

Hey Emily!
You're staying at the same hotel I did when we were in China getting Trent and Aeren! We were on floor number 17 at the Holiday Inn. The breakfast there is very's not American, but it is still very good!

I'm so glad that you're having a great time!!


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