Friday, June 8, 2007

We're Here!!

We're in Beijing, China! We made it here Thursday night (Thursday morning at home). Emily and the other girls in the group were greeted like royalty upon arrival at the Beijing airport! They were each given a huge bouquet of fresh flowers and cameras were flashing. What a nice greeting.

Yesterday, we went to the Forbidden City (it was H.O.T! and we sweated buckets!). We then went to BLAS (Bridge of Love Adoption Services) and had the BEST time! Again, the girls were treated SO well. The staff put on a little skit of the adoption process where they pretended to be American parents adopting a baby....very cute! They also presented the girls with a magnetic puzzle and had a contest to see who could put all of the provinces on the map first. After a little culture lesson, the girls were taught how to do Chinese calligraphy. Our group then sang a song in Chinese for the BLAS staff.

Later in the day, we went to a Kung Fu show....those guys were amazing! It was very hard to stay awake during the performance though as jet lag has set in.

Here's a note from Emily:

Hi everyone!! I'm so excited to be here. Going to BLAS and the kung fu show was my favorite thing we did yesterday. The dinner last night was VERY bad. China has some intresting foods. We've got another tiring day ahead of us. On the long plane ride to China, my parents surprised me with pink nintendo DS and 5 new games. I miss you Allyson and Claire.


Anonymous said...

N,E, AG, F4E, this is LF4E. I wish I was there with you. It looks like so much fun! I want to hear more about BLAS. Can't wait for your next blog.


Whitney said...

Hey Emily!
Wow! It sounds like you're having the time of your life!! Yeah, the food in China is VERY interesting. Nothing like American food! lol! McDonald's taste the same along with KFC, and Pizza Hut is better in China than it is in America! Weird isn't it?!

Well I have to go now. It's Aeren's birthday today!!!


DK said...

Yeah, we can verse each other on our pink ds's.

Ms. K

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