Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guilin - Day 2

On our 2nd day in Guilin, we rode our bus for about an hour to a wharf on the Li River for a boat cruise. Sadly, my camera batteries bit the dust AFTER we left the dock (weird because they charged overnight). We still had 2 other cameras, but they didn't have good zoom. The scenery along the river was just beautiful. We saw people from small villages at the river's edge washing clothing, filling buckets, etc. There were several other cruise boats on the river as well, and we could see them cooking lunch at the back of the boat. Our cruise was a lunch service as well...traditional Chinese again! We were offered an appetizer of mini crabs and shrimp, but we declined. A few people from our group did try the local "osmanthus wine" though. We docked in Yangshuo and were bombarded by peddlers when we got off the boat. Randy found a couple packs of batteries at one stand for my camera, so I was a happy camper again. We stopped briefly at a small village to see a comparison of the old way of life, as well as the new. What an eye opener that was! We have SO much to be thankful for believe me!!

Our bus took us by "Moon Hill" just so we could take a few snapshots. The guide said that we couldn't stop and get off the bus or the local people would charge bus window photos it was for us.

Our final tour stop for the day was "Elephant Trunk Hill" which is a famous tourist area in Guilin. As we posed for a group shot, we thought it funny that strangers were taking our photo as well. Within a couple of minutes, we were being offered our group photo (laminated and dated) by those strangers. What entrepreneurs they are! Another vendor just walked around looking at us and quickly cutting away at a piece of paper....he was speedily making silhouette papercuts (yes, we succumbed to the pressure and bought it - after all, it was all done and ready to go...not to mention the fact that the artist had included my double chin in the silhouette!). LOL!

Scenery along the Li River

The boat kitchen!Elephant Trunk Hill

A Parking Lot
Moon Hill

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