Friday, June 15, 2007

More About BengBu

We haven't had any free time, and were in a hurry the last time we posted, so I can't remember where we left off. We also can't actually SEE our posts once they're typed, so can't go back and read to catch up.
Just wanted to tell a little more about our BengBu trip....
The orphanage director and 2 workers took us to a really nice buffet lunch at a local hotel. We were given instructions ahead of time on how to properly toast. So glad we knew what to do! The director and staff offered up so many toasts I lost count. For anyone who knows us, you know that we don't drink....but we did in BengBu! It would have been rude to not toast and drink (so we were told). The director and staff toasted and then emptied their glass each time...and expected us to do the same. I just took a small sip though...and thankfully Rebecca would reach across and quickly switch glasses with me. ;-)

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