Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 4

Today was a very BIG day! We got up early and headed out to the orphanage. We had to make a stop at a warehouse to pick up the washer we purchased for BengBu.
We were greeted warmly by the orphanage staff. We immediately recognized the lady who delivered Emily to us 10 years ago. She walked out and said, Ni Hao Ran Ran to Emily. The girls were again treated like stars. We had a short meeting with the director and several staff members. We were able to answer any questions we wanted. After the meeting, we were given a quick tour of the baby area - it was naptime though, so we couldn't stay long. We did deliver the care package for one waiting baby and took a quick photo of her.
The staff then took us on a tour of the city to show us the girls' finding sites. Emily's finding info was vague, so we had to just visit the general area listed. We taped a couple of signs to a pole stating that our child was found and then adopted and was now living in the U.S. I was so proud of Emily for wanting to do that.
Need to post more using a friend's computer.


Anonymous said...

I am reading your blog for the first time, and your trip sounds amazing so far! I am so glad you are seeing so many interesting and exciting things!! Thanks for sharing your site with me!! Take care! Miss ya!
Mrs. Wood

Logan said...

Hey Emily!

Sounds Like You're having Lot's of Fun, I can't wait to hear all about in September!!!!!


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