Friday, June 15, 2007


We transfered to Guangzhou today. A quick flight from Hefei to Guangzhou. It was overcast when we arrived, and started raining by the time we reached the hotel. As soon as we arrived, Randy went to a couple of close shops to order a few gifts. We had a few free hours in the evening, so we went to Lucy's for dinner (it was SOOOOOO good to have a cheeseburger and fries!!).

On our 2nd day in Guangzhou, we had to get up way too early since we were scheduled to do tai-chi with some of the local people. It was SO very hot and humid...we were already sweating at 7:00 a.m.

We took a bus to the Long Gang School (which is a rural school on the outskirts of Guangzhou). We stopped at the Nan Huai orphanage (think that's spelled correctly) to pick up the director of the orphanage. There were several children from the orphanage who attended the school, and they wanted us to meet them.
We arrived at the school and heard the children repeating things for their teachers. The classrooms were much different that home....all non-air conditioned rooms! The kids didn't know we were going to visit, so they were all surprised. They were so cute sitting in their rooms, waving and saying hello. We were shown 3 children who lived at the orphanage (all abandoned in the last 2 years). One girl really grabbed my heart....a shy little one who was the star of her class. We left the school just as the children were leaving to go home for lunch. The orphanage director's mom came to take the 3 children home for lunch and a nap. What a great visit that was!

We had lunch at a traditional Chinese restaurant...again. Emily is really having a hard time with the food. We're ready for some western food!

We had the afternoon free and did a little more shopping (but haven't really found anything great this time). Rebecca took the kids to Lucy's for dinner - the parents had the evening free and were treated to a Chinese massage. OH MY GOSH....what an experience THAT was!!!!
They took all of us into one big room and put our feet into a warm water bath. Then, they started at our heads and went down from there. It was hilarious when they got to our feet...Randy kept jerking his feet from the lady when she touched his feet. I cracked up when the guy put me into a headlock position. I believe there are pictures out there somewhere...hope they don't surface!!

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Logan said...

Hey Emily!!!
Yuck!!! Chinse Busses.
We had a bad experince with those. . .
Hope you have a great Time!!!

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